Susan M. Totman, Master Virtual Assisant & Small Business Mentor




Hi there! My name is Sue (a/k/a Susan M. Totman, Master Virtual Assistant). Great to meet you, virtually!

I have been a "virtual" assistant since long before the term was coined. 


Knowledge is something I cannot get enough of. There is ALWAYS something new to learn!

How did it start? In 1987, pregnant with my first child and ordered to bedrest, we suddenly were living on one income. This was NOT the plan and was NOT acceptable. How would the bills get paid? 

My husband and I decided to "take the bull by the horns", so to speak, and we spent a very precious $490 on a Brother word processor + supplies, found a couple of transcription machines available from a college who didn't need or want them anymore and I was IN BUSINESS! That was OVER 30 YEARS AGO now! 

Using my handy dandy word processor, which was cutting edge at the time, I printed up a few dozen postcards and sent them out to attorneys, doctors and other professionals as well as posting them at colleges and other public areas offering to do transcription or other administrative services from home.  What did that make me?  YUP, you guessed it! A VIRTUAL ASSISTANT! In 1987 - well before the internet!  Over the next few years I had 2 more children and was able to make a decent living working from home for several attorneys and doctors, working mostly at night in between dozens of cloth diaper changes, feeding and playing!

I returned to full-time work for several years in the 1990s as an office manager at a prominent New England legal advocacy organization and in 1999, a year after my beautiful baby girl was born, I decided to again go full time as a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT, this time because I wanted to be able to work the hours I wanted while spending more time with my children.

My first year in business in a 9 month period I made over $25,000 working PART-TIME! At something I enjoyed, working when I wanted to and at my own wage that I decided.

Over the last 16 years, I have worked non-stop building my own business, my husband's business AND providing education, support and business mentoring to virtual assistants around the world, have had articles published worldwide and released 6 highly successful e-books.

My client base is comprised of several non-profit organizations, attorneys, authors, illustrators, small business owners and individuals. 

In 2003, I began working primarily in web development, but retained several administrative clients.  Because I wasn't taking new clients, I opted to use my own virtual assistance domain as a FREE worldwide business listing for virtual assistants. That site is and is still offering many FREE services to virtual assistants, 12 years later! Though there are some premium services that can be purchased, a very comprehensive, searchable business listing is still absolutely FREE, along with many other services and features.

 With over 30 years of experience in many different areas of office support, management and administration, including 27+ years as a Notary Public, I am well qualified to not only help you get your business successfully kicked off, but also keep you on track as your business grows and flourishes. I was awarded the Master Virtual Assistant certification from in 2002. 

Having been an entrepreneur for over 27 years, I have developed many tools to help me (and my clients) manage their businesses, while also running the administrative portion of the family's automotive towing, auto repair, used vehicle and salvage yard business. The forms, templates and samples on this site are just a few of those developed and are targeted specifically for virtually-based businesses. Since the 1st Edition of Virtual Assistant Business Forms, Templates and Samples was released in 2002, thousands of copies have been sold worldwide. This will be the first release that is not an actual e-book, but is a compilation of all documents in one repository. This is a much better resource and much more broadly available to you in your business. With the advent of new and much more diverse devices, it has become important to be able to access resources from multiple devices. You can now download one or all forms at one time from any device or location.

I am very excited about this and I am sure you will be amazed. Currently there are 60+ documents available (click HERE for list) with more to come. Documents now can be updated regularly so that the current version will always be available to you simply by logging in and grabbing it!

Currently MS Office version is the primary document format, but I am working on Open Office formats for all documents as well so that EVERYONE can access and use these documents. 

Please feel free to contact me at any time and I'll be happy to get back to you.


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